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The Cyrs

The Cyrs
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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Time for Cats

What's been going on with us? Well, we've "adopted" a family of cats. Usually we're writing to tell people that we're adding a new child to our family but not this year! This year it's a family of felines. The mom, dad and their 3 babies who were born under our shed this past spring. 

I have mixed emotions about this. Growing up we had cats always and most of time 4 at a time. I really loved cats. Notice the past tense? Since having children I wouldn't say my love has gone away I just no longer have a desire to have any as pets. I think the Lord has done this work in me because my husband is allergic and it would probably be really disappointing if I wanted one and couldn't have one.  All I think about are fleas or worse, ticks, which are in abundance here.  So watching this family from afar suits me just fine.

I admit that we've all had fun watching these little kittens grow. We feed them just about every day so they know they can get fed here, which means they are ALWAYS here. They are wild and very afraid of us. We can't get near them. At least now they will see us in the kitchen and still eat but if we move too fast or go to approach them they run away. Our hope is to be able to catch them and try to get them adopted by someone else before they become some animals next meal. The two you see in the picture are the only two that still come around regularly. I haven't seen the mom or the other yellow baby in a couple months but I did see the black baby last week. He ran into the woods when he saw me and hasn't been back that I've noticed. 

Growing up we had this tradition that all our cats names started with the letter "M". We had Maverick, Muffy, Merlin and Morgana. In keeping with tradition I've named the gray/brown one Mocha. I can't get the kids to understand the concept so the yellow one is not named yet...any suggestions?? 


  1. Moo-Choo! Moonlight. Marguerite. Matante. Marvin.

  2. Marble of course! :) The orange one looks too old to tame to give away now though.... so if you catch him/her, be sure you're wearing gloves! Although, he/she would make a great barn cat :) I love orange cats! The boys and Jena must love watching them.

  3. Good advice, Em...and from an expert no less! :) I love your choice of name too, I'll have to run it by the boys. Jena especially gets really excited when she sees them.