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The Cyrs

The Cyrs
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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Time for "I love you because..."

This year for Mother's Day Ben had the kids write down reason's why they love me on small pieces of paper. One side said, "I love you because..." and the other side was for them to fill out. It was then presented to me in a jar on Mother's Day. I loved the thoughtfulness in the gift, the planning ahead and time that was involved, but mostly I loved some of the answers they gave! Ben said he didn't have to prod or give ideas even with Jena...that is what made these especially funny I think. This had me smiling and laughing and I know it's something I will enjoy looking back on in the years to come...enjoy!

"you think of good ideas which make me happy"-Owen

"I love mom!"-Jena

"you always turn on the radio in my room"-Will

"you are my mom"-Noah           

"You take care of me & my problems"-Gabe

"You feed me every morning"-Noah

"You take care of me when I am sick"-Owen

"You bring money to the dollar store"-Gabe

"You pick out my clothes, especially my shorts & t-shirt"-Will

"You find my tag blanket"-Jena

"You love me"-Noah

"You sign me up for soccer"-Owen

"You let me play outside"-Will

"You brush my hair gently"-Jena

"You get me cool stuff for Christmas, like in my stocking"-Noah

"You bring me to the beach"-Gabe

"When I cough sometimes you bring me to the Dr.'s"-Will

"You get me glasses"-Noah

"You get me cool things for my b-day like an RC car (but I actually can't remember if you are the one who got me that)-Owen

"The Bible tells me so"-Jena ( Ben has a side note that says, "she said this for real!")

"You feed me tasty-Oh's"-Owen

"You put me to bed...yes, I like going to bed"-Gabe

"You bring me to Walmart"-Will

"You give me milk"-Jena

"You do absolutely everything for me"-Tess (via dad!)

"You're my mom and you understand my problems"-Noah

"You get me hot lunch"-Gabe

"You bring me to VBS"-Owen

"You let me sleep "a little bit"-Will

"You bring me to church"-Jena

"You help me with my homework"-Noah

"You let me watch some of Star Wars & get me Star Wars things"-Owen

"You got out clothes I haven't worn in a long time"-Gabe

"You let us play wii when we want to play"-Will

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