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The Cyrs

The Cyrs
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Monday, April 21, 2014

The Gender Difference

People will ask, "what is the difference between raising boys and raising girls?". Up until a few days ago I didn't have an answer because I haven't found it that much different yet. The other day something happened that was eye-opening to me. One of the boys had to go to the bathroom. They used the last of the toilet paper, finished their business then went about their day. Minutes later Jena had to use the bathroom. She walks in. She sees there is no toilet paper. Without saying a word she leaves the bathroom, heads down to the basement, where we keep the extra toilet paper. She returns with a roll of toilet paper and replaces it. All of this was done with no prompting from me. I have never even taught her or explained to her to do this. She did this all on her own. Not one of the boys has ever done this. Ever. 

That is the difference between boys and girls. Happy Monday!

Oh...totally off subject but look at my big girls! Today Emma is 8 months and Tess is 18 months. Jena will be 4 in two weeks. Where is the time going? 

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