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The Cyrs

The Cyrs
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Friday, May 16, 2014

A Time for Grandmother's

Jena & I having some tea with
my grandmother's china that she
gave me.
I live 8 hours away from my grandmother and that is 8 hrs too much. She is a very special person in my life and I wish I could see her all the time. Some of my favorite memories of my childhood involve her and my grandfather. They were so good to my sisters and I. They spoiled us like crazy, even when we didn't deserve it..they still spoil us! I remember sleep overs and getting to sleep in my grandmother's bed with her. In the morning she would always tell me stories of how I moved constantly and took up the whole bed! Then she would make us toast on the "roulette" as she called it, which is really just toast on a cast iron skillet. I make it now for my kids and it always takes me back to that time. I remember times spent at their camp where my grandfather taught me to dive off their party boat and picking strawberries in the field with my grandmother. We would bring them inside and wash them up, then she would put them in a bowl with some cream and sugar...that was a good snack! I remember her teacup collection and her letting me and my younger sister choose one. Then she would let us drink coffee with was more like milk & sugar with a drop of coffee but we felt like grown-ups and using her teacups made us feel special. I remember her allowing us to explore her bedroom...all her pretty jewelry and her shoes and clothes. The day I was able to go in and look through her jewelry and choose what I would wear with my wedding dress is a day I will never forget. 

It's hard to describe my Memere (that's what we call her) in a few words. She is such a fun person to be around. I think she's hysterical. She is very sociable and loves to have fun. She is very talkative as well. I remember growing up being told I was "just like your grandmother" because I could be chatty too...and very early in the morning! She is so talkative in fact that my uncle, who for a few years did much traveling from Maine to
Me (pregnant with Emma), Memere
and Tess last summer.
Georgia, named his GPS "Lulu" after my grandmother. My grandmother's name is Lucille and when we named Tess we gave her Lucille as her middle name, to honor my grandmother. I've written before how I find it neat that my kids resemble in personality the people we have named them after. Tess is no different. So much of what I see in her personality reminds me of my grandmother. If I had to say the one thing I hope Tess inherits from my grandmother I would have to say I'd want it to be her unconditional love. I have known nothing other than that kind of love from her. There are times I know I disappointed her, hurt her, was unkind but she never once let me know it. I know without a doubt there is nothing I could do that would make her love me less or treat me any differently. She has not only exhibited this with me but with others in her life. She is always ready with open arms to receive & forgive you. This is such a strong quality of hers. I guarantee that if you are talking with my grandmother about a conflict you are having she will always try to find the good in the person or situation and encourage a resolution. She does not like conflict, forgives easily and loves a lot! 

It is rare a day goes by that I do not think of my family, but what has me thinking about my Memere so much that I felt compelled to write about her? Well weeks ago she sent us an Easter card and in it some money, which she insisted I spend on something for myself. I wanted to make sure that whatever I spent the money on would be something that reminded me of her. I have been wanting an Alex and Ani bracelet for awhile and decided that was the perfect way to spend the money. I picked the November birthstone bangle because my Memere and I are the only two in the family who share a November birthday. Topaz always reminds me of her as does jewelry. It came in last week and I'm so excited about it. I wear it and I can't help but think about her.  

If you have a grandmother and she is living, how do you cultivate a relationship with her? How do you encourage your kids to have relationships with their grandparents? My kids do not see their own grandmother's often either. Once a year or so is about how often they get to spend time with them so as parents we have to make a point of setting time aside where the kids and I make them cards and write a note. I have to be mindful to send emails and pictures and update them. It can be so easy to forget to do these things but they are so important. As a grandmother, what are you doing to make sure you are a part of your grandchildren's lives? How do you cultivate that relationship with them, particularly if distance is a factor? I would love to hear from you all and hear the kinds of relationships you have with the grandmother's in your lives and what you have done to remain close to them. Our grandmother's are such a gift from God! 

The kids (minus Emma) with my grandparent's
last summer. 

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  1. aww I love this! So many good memories with Memere and Pepere! She is a very special lady :)