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The Cyrs

The Cyrs
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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Time for Rocks

A foolish son is a grief to his father...~Prov.17:25

You know, sometimes finding something to write about on this blog takes some thought. Other times, the material just falls into your lap without even trying.

At approx. 1:30pm Ben received a phone call from the school, informing him that Noah had a rock stuck in his ear. But don't worry, he wasn't in any pain. Seriously??!! At first we thought Noah would need to be taken to the ER to have this taken care of because that is what the school was telling us. Once Ben saw Noah, and could see the rock in his ear, he decided to try and do it himself.

 Noah understands now that putting rocks in our ears is just plain foolish, no matter how fun it seems!


  1. That is soooo funny because Adam did that with a dry bean when he was in art class. He was annoyed of the teacher talking so much. Once he told her that he had one of the "art supplie" stuck in his ear she tried taking it out with her long nails, well she just pushed the bean further. He said by the time the ER DR. got that thing out it had started to germinate! lol!! Like uncle, like nephew I guess!

  2. Love the head lamp!!! :))) Maybe Ben should rethink his career choice and go to medical school.
    The nose is also a great place to hide things like Tic Tacs. Shelby's nose was burning for some time! :)
    Hang onto the head lamp Ben; have a feeling you will need it again.

  3. Tina, that's funny! Dave emailed me and told me that when he was a kid he got a pea stuck in his ear. He didn't know it was there and his ear starting hurting like crazy. When he went to the Dr. they found that the pea had sprouted!

  4. Brian says...

    There was an older man who went to the doctor for a routine checkup. His doctor checked his ears and informed him that he had a pea in his ear. Amazed the man let the doctor take the pea out. The pea was so old that the doctor estamted that it had to have been in his ear for decades. Once home he informed his wife of 50 years of the interesting story.
    A few days later the same man was at the doctors office requesting the pea to be inserted back.

    Great job Ben. I like the "head"light.

  5. hysterical!!! Life with boys is always interesting! I also love the head lamp :)