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The Cyrs

The Cyrs
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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Time to Update!

But Martha was cumbered about much serving...Luke 10:40

Well lately I feel so much like Martha and not so much like Mary! October proved to be an incredibly busy month for us and November is turning out to be also. Every year Ben and I finally find a moment to sit down and assess our calendar and see what we can eliminate and each time we do this it's the month of Oct!! For some reason fall is so busy for us and it's usually with things we need to be doing or feel the Lord leading us to do. Then after the holidays things slow down and we are able to catch our breath. I've struggled with finding adequate time to study God's word...not just read it and go, but really study it. Hence, my Martha-like feelings. 

Our computer started giving us trouble at the end of Sept. It kept kicking us off the internet after 5 mins. or so. Everything else worked fine. Not really having time to really figure out the problem (or enough knowledge about computers) we decided to swap the hard drives. A friend had given us her old computer and the hard drive worked perfect...only problem is there is no Word program or any sound. I didn't realize how much I relied on Word or sound on my computer until I was without it! :) I also have misplaced one of my most valued camera. I'm just praying it's in the house somewhere. :( So many pictures from our Oct. adventures are on there and have not yet been downloaded including pictures from Will's 2nd birthday!

Our Sweet Will turned 2 in October. His most favorite gift was from my sister, Jenny. I had asked her for the book Corduroy and it came with a little stuffed Corduroy bear. He LOVES this bear and now carries it around with him everywhere and sleeps with it. I think the days of "pig-pig" are gone...they were really gone the day he lost the original pig-pig. He just couldn't bond with the new pig-pig, which was identical, but apparently not the same! 

Jena is now 6 months! It doesn't seem possible, the time has just gone by so fast. She is still the most happy baby. She sleeps 12 hours at night and naps great during the day. We are so blessed. She is refusing to eat solid foods, which at first concerned me. After her Dr. visit last week where I found out she is in the 60% for weight and 25% for height, I'm no longer concerned! The pediatrician said this happens and to not worry about it. She now gets up on her knees and rocks back and forth so I'm thinking any day now she'll be crawling. I'm in no hurry as I like my babies stationary as long as possible. :) She loves being in the jumper and swing.

Gabe keeps life interesting as always. He's still full of energy and cannot be trusted alone for very long. When I said, "Gabe you can draw at the table quietly while I clean the bathroom", this happened :
Then when I said, "Gabe I need you to sit at the table quietly while I finish doing the dishes", this happened to my neatly piled stack of napkins:I guess I need to re-think leaving Gabe alone at the table!

We also celebrated Ben's birthday recently. When I asked him what kind of cake he wanted me to make I expected him to say one from a store since I am HORRIBLE at making cakes. No, instead, he wanted me to make Kathy's chocolate cake. So I got the recipe from Kathy and just prayed it would turn out. And it did! Ben's favorite birthday gifts were from Joyce & Dave. Ladder Ball and Washers! We haven't stopped playing these games since.

I recently went to Parent/Teacher conferences with Noah and Owen's teachers. Both are doing great in school. Owen's teacher said he has adjusted great to kindergarten, is making good friends, and really wanting to learn. She thinks he is a fantastic artist. Noah continues to do well. His teacher says he is a friend to everyone, which really makes us so happy. She said he is so kind and thoughtful and doing really well academically. Noah also just got glasses!!! He is so cute in them too and so excited about them. I'm thinking the novelty of them will wear off and in time he'll grow to not like them just like the rest of us who have to wear glasses. He only needs them for reading and it's only for one eye. He's been doing great keeping them in his case when he's not wearing them. When I think to take a picture of him wearing them I'll post one.

That's pretty much the highlights of what's been going on around here! 


  1. I have to say I love seeing Jena with my girls clothes on. It's weird as it used to be Storm with your boys clothes on. Vive les cousins!!! :)

  2. And the clothes you lent us is SO adorable! I am in love with Gagou Tagou! It's kinda the Canadian's equivalent to Hannah Andersson, which I also love.

  3. It's great to hear how everyone is doing! I know many moms (me included!) who struggle with the Mary/Martha balance. I SO want life to even out and stay even keeled - like, can I just find the balance?! but it seems to swing wildly from Mary to Martha and back.