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The Cyrs

The Cyrs
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Monday, March 21, 2011

A Time to See God at Work!

Teach me good judgment and knowledge: for I have believed
 thy commandments ~Psalm 119:66

I doubt any parent who has a child in Kindergarten and 1st grade worries when report cards come home! Of course we hope that our kids are doing well academically mainly because we want them to enjoy school and not have it be a struggle for them if at all possible. Our main concern though is that they are respectful toward their teachers, kind toward their peers and daily learning to make good choices.
 This quarters report cards exceeds any expectations we had for them. Anyone who knows Noah sees a kind and thoughtful little boy. Any teacher he's had has always told us this. While he is doing great academically, reading and writing in particular, it's this one sentence his teacher wrote that made me cry..."Noah continues to be a caring friend to his classmates, he is a role-model in our class." I'm glad that my boys are doing well in school but if they are A students or not I don't care. What I care about is their character. That in whatever they are doing they would be doing it to the best of their ability and in a way that would make God happy. So the fact that Noah is a role model in his class makes me so thankful. I am sure he is not the only one but I am glad he is one of them. 
Many of you know the struggle we had in making the decision to have Owen start school this year. With a pretty severe speech delay we were worried that it would hinder his ability to keep up with the curriculum. After much prayer we had a peace about starting him and we are so glad we did. He was beyond ready and the progress he has made so far just amazes us. He is still meeting with a speech therapist 3 times a week and she is so happy with his progress. He's a very hard worker. For a child with speech delays you can imagine how difficult reading and writing might be to them and the discouragement that might come with that. I'm beyond amazed at his progress. Not only is he writing words but he's also reading a little too. Here's what his teacher said that is making us praise God for the work he is doing in Owen, "He comes in with a smile every day, ready to go. He is growing into a very independent writer and is willing to take risk without adult help." Having a smile on your face when you know that you are going to have to work harder then most to do the work and excel at the work is such a testament to how God is helping Owen in school everyday. I'm just so thankful!


  1. No greater joy than having a teacher tell you your child is kind and caring. Yes, good grades are great, but a child who learns the value of kindness and caring is a child who is being taught "Be ye kind, one to another tenderhearded..."

    I remember clearing going to one of Craig's parent/teacher's confences and the teacher told us that Craig was so kind to one of the boys in his class with cerebral palsy. He would wait for him after lunch to walk out with him, make sure he played with him and made sure he got back in after recess. I was so touched by it. He had never mentioned that he did it, and I don't think he ever thought any thing of it. He remains, as does his brothers, kind and caring.

    And YEAH for Owen's progress!! As shy as he is, he always has a smile on his face!

  2. Go boys Go!!! You boys are making Uncle Adam and aunt Tina very proud.:)
    Keep being "Daniels" and influencing your friends more than they are influencing you.
    Love xxx
    (I love that first picture)

  3. Jan-what a sweet story!
    Tina-they are so blessed to have an aunt and uncle who are praying for them daily!

  4. This is just a blessing to read!! So proud of them and you guys for raising such sweet boys!! Keep up the good work!!