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The Cyrs

The Cyrs
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Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Time to Refinish a Desk

Remember these? I love these old desks. There was a time I wished I had been called to home school just so I could say I had a reason to buy 5! But thankfully God blesses me above and beyond what I deserve and provided this one to us for free! It was quite worn and ugly looking and it was only recently that I realized I could do something about that...paint it! (Remember from earlier posts my recent obsession with painting?). Since Gabe is so excited about preschool at home I knew I wanted it to go in his room so I began looking through old paint cans to see if I had any left over from when we painted he and Will's bedroom...and I did! I painted the metal blue and the wood white. I thought I had taken a picture of what it looked like before but I can't find it so am not sure what happened. I am really bummed about that because the difference a coat (or 4) of paint made is incredible! 

Since I am doing a patriotic/Sept.11 theme in their room I took a flag we had received at a birthday party and glued it on the back of the seat to make it fit the theme. I'm really happy with how it turned out and with the fact it cost me $0.00 to do this! 

***I thought it would be a good idea to embellish the front with some patriotic themed scrapbooking paper I had in a scalloped shape. I didn't think this through because it took them about 2 mins. to start picking it off. I think I am going to have to modge podge it on and am hoping that will work and not make it look awful. This is an idea that in hindsight wish I had abandoned!***

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