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The Cyrs
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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Time for pregnancy and it's related issues

In everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in
Christ Jesus concerning you. ~I Thess. 5:18

It's not always easy to be thankful for everything...even though it's what we are told to do. Even though I know that I need to just be thankful I'm pregnant and not complain about the not so fun parts because there are so many women out there unable to have children doesn't mean I'm not prone to dislike certain parts of pregnancy. 

Yesterday I took my glucose tolerance test and with not much hope in passing, was still praying for a miracle. I have had gestational diabetes with all 5 of my pregnancies and had no reason to think that this one would be any different...and rightly so since I just received the call informing me I failed it. Normally a woman would have to go back for a 3-hr. tolerance test but with my history, there's no need for that. So tomorrow I meet with a diabetes consultant who will review diets, carb counting, & meters, and test strips, etc. since the last time I was properly educated was when I was pregnant for Noah-8 years ago. I'm sure some things have changed.

If you've never been faced with G.D. or are not informed about it then you likely are thinking, what's the big deal. I know that's how I was with my first pregnancy. Please understand that I am in no way trying to say that having G.D is anything like being diagnosed with Type I or Type II diabetes. I understand the differences and am not trying to give the impression they are the same. I merely am speaking from the point of view of a pregnant woman who is hungry, has cravings, and unlike most other pregnant women, is not able to give into those urges and cravings...ever! It's also very difficult when you are already so busy with 5 kids to pay attention to the time when you eat then exactly one hour later have to draw your blood and write down your number...three times a day. No, this isn't hard, it isn't even that bad really it's just an inconvenience I would rather do without. 

My 1st pregnancy
With my first pregnancy because I was young and uninformed I was not doing a good job controlling my numbers with diet so I was on insulin. That meant injecting myself before each meal and once at bedtime to control my numbers when I ate breakfast. For the following 4 pregnancies I learned and was able to control my numbers with diet and exercise and have not had to take insulin since. I'm praying I can have the same discipline this time because I really hated having to deal with taking insulin. 

So while I am so disappointed with the test results I am trying to have a positive outlook and just take it one day at a time. If you have the kind of pregnancy where you are not having to think about each and every bite of food that enters your mouth then be thankful and don't take it for granted (and eat a donut or two for me since that is what I mostly crave EVERY pregnancy!). Having had to deal with gestational diabetes has given me so much more understanding and compassion of what those who are diagnosed with type I or type II go through. Of course the statistics are that if you develop G.D. then you have a 60% chance of developing adult onset diabetes but that percentage can be reduced with proper diet and exercise. So Lord willing, I will not be faced with it. 

Our next big pregnancy milestone will be our level II ultrasound in Portland to make sure the baby's heart is healthy and developing properly. I should also at that time find out the gender...I am SOOOOO anxious for this. Thankfully I'll have a week in the Georgia sun to distract me while I wait!

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  1. Linda ThyngMay 16, 2012

    Melissa, you look so beautiful!! I have missed watching your precious baby growing and seeing your pregnancy "bump" getting larger.
    Praying for a healthy baby report and anxiously awaiting the news about your little one's gender!!! :))))
    Have a fun and relaxing trip to Georgia.
    Love you.