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The Cyrs

The Cyrs
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Monday, May 21, 2012

A Time for a Vacation

Joyce & Dave's pool/pool house
At approximately 2:30am on Tuesday morning I will be leaving my home, heading to the bus station that will take me to Boston so I can catch my flight to Georgia at 7am. I am so excited! 

Ben offered to take a week off from work using some comp time he had earned from a trip he took earlier this winter so I could go visit my aunt & uncle. He is actually really looking forward to having this time to spend with the kids and I'm really looking forward to some time to just relax. And this is pool  is where I plan to spend a lot of my time! Believe me when I say this is not something I am taking for granted. I know exactly how lucky I am to have a husband who would take on something like this. A time of refreshing is so important for everyone but especially during the season of child rearing. These are some of the most exhausting and challenging years and I'm thankful to have a husband who understands that and is willing to allow me this time.

If you think of us in the next 8 days, say some prayers for Ben that things would go smoothly for him at home and this extra time he has with the kids would be a blessing and pray for me that my travel would go well. I've never flown alone so I'm really nervous about it. 

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  1. Oh isn't it good to have GOOD men!? My hubby saved up two of his bonuses and sent me away for 3 days/2 nights for a time of refreshment before our life with two begins! Enjoy!