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The Cyrs

The Cyrs
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Monday, June 4, 2012

A Time to Reveal the Gender

He has made everything beautiful in his time; also
he hath set the world in their hearts... ~Ecc. 3:11

Ben and I came to an arrangement on the name. We could not agree on the same name for either gender. I really had my heart set on Tess for a girl and he really wanted John for a boy. So I suggested that if it is a girl, I get to name her Tess and if it is a boy he would get to name him John and he agreed. 

So come on or around Oct. 24 this is what our family will look like:

If you can't read the cards well the name is Tess. We found out today that we are having a girl and while any healthy baby was a welcome addition to our family we couldn't be more thrilled that Jena is going to have a sister! We will name her Tess Lucille after my grandmother. It makes me so happy to have the chance to honor her this way. 

***A little background on these cards...I found them at a little shop on River St. in Savannah when I was just there. Usually I see stuff like this and barely even glance because they never have our kids names, not all of them anyway. When I happened upon "Jena" and it was spelled the same way we spell our Jena's name I knew it was worth the effort to try and find all our names. And I did. I just love these cards and plan to frame them and hang them up in our new living room once the addition is finished. 


  1. I am so thrilled for you guys!! So happy Jena will have a sister to play dress up, have tea parties and play babies with! I look at my 3 girls and they are so big now, but still love to play together just as much as before. I am just thrilled!! Congrats. :)

  2. So happy for you! Love the name Tess.

  3. so excited for you all! I know how special it will be for Jena to have a sister. God is good :) Glad to hear her heart is good and she is healthy. Congrats! Love the name cards - what a great idea.

  4. So exciting! Congrats! And what a neat gift from God that you found those cards on your vaca!