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The Cyrs

The Cyrs
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Monday, June 25, 2012

A Time for Cats: Here we go Again!

Remember last year when I posted about our adopted family of cats? Well of the 3 babies born that year, one survived and has been with us ever since. We named it Muffin. This grayish black cat in the picture, we thought was the dad, but were surprised to find out it's actually the mom. She had babies in our wood pile this year so now we have 2 more mouths to feed! At this rate we may find ourselves on a cat plantation. 

The kittens (there are 2 of them) are already big enough to be coming up on the deck and eating like the bigger cats. They are the cutest kittens ever, way cuter than last years batch! There's an all black one and a black and white one. The kids have had a lot of fun watching them play and visit with us. They are very comfortable living on our property and hanging out on the deck but we have yet to be able to get close to them.  They run away when we open the door. But they know exactly when meal time is at our house and are here, rain or shine! These are the kind of pets I can handle in this season of life. The kids get to feed them and watch them play but I don't have to deal with house training or them bringing in ticks or fleas. It's the perfect arrangement...unless I find out these two kittens are girls! 

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  1. Emily is in the hayloft as I write looking for another litter. She saw a new lactating mom cat yesterday, so that is her mission. We gave away 4 'wild' kittens before leaving for Florida...wonder how many are in this litter! They filled the barn with hay so are hoping they didn't accidentally get squished. Good hay year...done the square bales in July anyway rather than Sept like some years past! :P