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The Cyrs

The Cyrs
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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Time for a Story

Yesterday Noah's class had an Author's Tea where the parent's could come and listen to the stories they had "published". They wrote and illustrated a book about their families. Noah had two invitations to hand out to people and he really wanted Oma and his Dad there. Oma lives far away and couldn't make it but Ben got out of work early to come. The day before the Tea we are driving home and I mention to Noah that Ben is coming. He says, "I thought maybe he was coming." I say, "No he's definitely coming now". Noah says very nervously, "I don't think daddy's going to like my story..." Here's the story and here's why:

The Cyr Family 
By Noah Cyr

I have a big family. I have 7 people in my family. My mom's name is Melissa and my dad's name is Ben. My mom is 32 and my dad is 31. My mom does not work but my dad works at the Ship Yard. He works on submarines. My mom's favorite color is orange. My mom does most of the work. My dad is lazy sometimes. My dad has a beard but he shaves his beard. My mom likes to plant flowers. My dad does not like to plant flowers. I have to help my mom plant flowers. My sister is 1 and my brother is 5 and my other brother is 2 and my other brother is 3 and I am 7.My brothers' names are Gabe and Owen and Will. My brothers like dinosaurs and Spiderman. Owen's favorite dinosaur is Velociraptor. Owen likes pirates and my 3 year old likes Star Wars and I like army men and my 2 year old likes all kinds of things. I don't have any pets. I want a salamander for a pet. And I want a dog and a cat. I love my mom and dad and my brothers and my sister.

I just have to say, for the record, that Ben, is NOT lazy! Poor Noah was so stressed and felt so badly he had written it that before he got to the sentence he turned to Mrs. Gilly and whispered, "I'm not going to read that sentence."  We all had a good laugh and I especially love that even still Noah takes every opportunity he can to tell people how old we are!


  1. That's hilarious! I wonder why he thought that or what made him think of that word? Do you think he heard and and doesn't really know what it means, or because he sees you work all the time and doesn't see Ben work he's the "lazy" one at home? He must know it's a negative thing since he felt bad about writing it. Or was he mad the day he wrote it? Their choice of words at this age cracks me up.

  2. that is so funny! I love how our kids think we are so old :)

  3. Melissa, this is such a fun post! Our children are so creative and they say how it is! I thought it was so funny how nervous he was that Ben was going to be there! I loved the story!