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The Cyrs

The Cyrs
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Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Time for Canning Jar Storage

Please don't notice the set up of this
cupboard too much. It's a work in progress
as I figure out what to do with it!

I have been using mason jars for several years now to store food. I just love the look of mason jars and they're a practical way to store food, especially bulk items, which we do buy a lot of things in bulk. 

One day when I was browsing on Pinterest I saw this idea for storing loose leaf tea. I loved that the cover was spray painted in chalkboard paint and she had written the name of each type of tea on the lid. I thought, this system could work really well for me since I already use canning jars in this way. The other reason why I wanted to spray paint the covers is because I wanted them black. 

The blog where this idea came from did not mention where she was able to find chalkboard paint that you paint on with a paintbrush and I couldn't find any. I have only ever seen it in spray paint form so that's what I used since I had it on hand anyway. I will say this is not the easiest, cleanest or most efficient way of doing it. One I laid out all the lids and bands I started spray painting them (in a well ventilated room, like a garage with the door open). It took several coats to get the bands fully covered. Once they were dry I was able to put the lids back on the jars and start labeling. What I like about this is if I decide to use the jar for something different once it's emptied,I only have to erase the label and write it on again. I am really pleased with the look and am happy I tried this. It's a cute idea for gift giving too!


  1. I LOVE mason jars! I even use them as drinking glasses. :) I got the idea from my MIL who lives on a farm and has the cutest rustic farm kitchen. I am going to try the chalk board paint on the lids. So clever.

  2. Great idea! Looks nice. I have some canning jars for food too. It does look pretty. I've never labeled mine though and I like the chalkboard paint idea.

  3. Karen-my mugs are mason jars too. I love them! :) We were needing to replace our glasses (well replace the ones that have broken leaving me with 3 sets of 2 or 3). Everywhere I looked I just didn't love anything I saw. Then I thought,they must make mason jar mugs. So I got some on amazon and I'm so glad I did! :)

  4. what a great idea!! I love how neat and pretty your shelves look with the mason jars. I use jars to store stuff, but they are just shoved in cabinets and not labels.
    Your kitchen looks great!

  5. The Walmart brand salsa (which I wonder who manufactures it...because it doesn't have any 'junk' in it) comes in mason jars. It's super good salsa and then you're left with a great looking large jar when the salsa is done for $2 (totally check it out!). But those mason jars are just a tiny bit smaller on the top than canning mason jars. I've been collecting them never the less...who can refuse the simplicity of a mason jar?! This seems like a great project to cover the tops that say "salsa. Thanks for the idea!