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The Cyrs

The Cyrs
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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Time for Grippy Socks!

Any of you that have kids learning to walk or have ones that aren't so steady on their feet know the importance of owning socks that have grips underneath. I love the ankle socks that you see in the picture because they stay on the kids feet better than any other socks. The only problem is they don't make them with grips underneath. I saw this idea on Pinterest and thought it was genius. I can't believe I never thought to do this. Our whole downstairs has wood flooring and the kids tend to slip and fall a lot. 

I happen to have a lot of fabric paint on hand so I got to work. I started simple, with dots, to get used to using the fabric paint. I'm not artistic so there would be no "batman logo" like the link showed but I thought they came out pretty cute. And now I know Jena won't slip around when she's wearing these socks. 

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