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The Cyrs
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Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Time for Baby Favorites

Nobody likes spending money on a product that they are going to regret. That's why I love when people make suggestions to me on things they have purchased that they love. Even if I can't use it, it might make a nice gift for someone one day. I have my own list of personal favorites when it comes to baby items. We've spent so much money on things that, had we known we wouldn't have used or liked we wouldn't have bought. A swing is one of these things. Many people love baby swings and say their babies love them also. None of my babies liked the swing. By the third baby I finally gave it away because it was just taking up space. So while this list has been a great list of products for me, it might not be for you. If you have any favorites, please feel free to let us all know!

Melissa's List of Favorite Baby Items

1. Gripe Water. No nursery should be without it. I was introduced to it with baby #2 and love it! It helps with digestion, colic, gas, hiccups, acid reflux, etc. You can also buy a Numimed pacifier to dispense it with on this site and I highly recommend that too.

2. White Noise Machine. In a busy house like ours the phrase, "be quiet the baby is sleeping", is non-effective. These noise machines have been so worth the money since we have light sleepers! I use Marpac Sleepmates.

3. Lavendar Baby Wash. You have to like the smell of lavendar to use this. I love everything about lavendar. You can find a variety of brands from giant superstore brand to organic and natural brands. I have been using one put out by Bee-ewe-tiful Baby. It's a Maine based company, which is a plus!

4. Lullaby CD. Since Noah was a baby the one we have used and really love is one done by Bob Carlisle called Butterfly Kisses & Bedtime Prayers. It's so pretty and soothing.

5. Huggies Wipes. They are durable and just about the same price as store brands, especially if you have coupons. I hate feeling like my hand is going to tear through the wipe at any moment and with Huggies you don't get this feeling!

6. Double Stroller. Anyone who has children close in age (2 years or under) should own one of these...if you like to leave the house once and awhile!  I never leave home without mine. We wore through the first one and are now onto our second one. Many will recommend a jogger stroller but since I don't have any desire to go out jogging with 3 kids following beside me and pushing 2 more in a stroller, I go for the Graco Quatro Tour. It meets my needs, it's narrow (for a double stroller) to fit between aisles in stores and has a large basket underneath to put quite a few items. There's also a  lot of patterns you can choose from.

7. Playtex Sippy Cups. There's lots of debate on this one too. I heard rave reviews about the Nalgene ones so I bought a couple. I was told that the kid could pretty much do anything to it and the stopper wouldn't come out. This has not been the case for me. The only sippy cups I own where this does not happen are my Playtex ones. I've always thought they were the best and I continue to think this. Believe me, we've gone through a lot of sippy cups over the years!

8. Pack n Play (play yards). I don't think I've put mine away in 6 years! We've always had two actually since I always have two in cribs. When we travel they come with us but I also use them as a safe place for the baby to play during the day. It's especially helpful to train them to have "pack n play" time when they start crawling. It allows you to get a task or two done, knowing the baby is safe. The most I can usually get is 30-45mins. but it's so worth it!  I think it's helpful also, to have your child sleep in the pack n play at home once in awhile to get them used to sleeping in it. That way when you have to travel or leave your child with grandma, they are already used to it. It makes going somewhere much easier and more enjoyable.

10. Etsy. This is my new favorite addiction. There are so many cool things on this site. And many of the products are really affordable. From hair accessories for babies to hats, burp cloths, bibs, etc. There is something for everyone. I have been buying a lot of my baby & kid gifts from this site because you can find something different that you can't find in stores locally. If I had any talent at all, I'd make stuff myself, but since God did not give me any of these abilities, I thank him for leading me to Etsy!

11. MD Moms Baby Silk. These products were created by pediatrician moms and is all natural. I especially love the liquid baby powder and the sunscreen towelettes. We all know how hard it is to put sunsreen on a squirmy baby and these towelettes make the job so much easier! You can cover a 2-year-old from head to toe with one towelette.


  1. I love etsy! My favorite new baby store is little sapling toys - they make wooden teether and toys that are adorable.

  2. I just forwarded this to a first time to be mom friend of mine!

  3. Andrea-I'm going to check that out! Tina-thanks! I hope it's helpful to her.