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The Cyrs

The Cyrs
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Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Time for a Little Girl

Thou has given him his heart's desire, and has not
withheld the request of his lips. ~Psalm 21:2

"What is the difference between having a boy and a girl?" This is a question I get asked a lot. I'm sure it's because after having 4 boys people expect me to have a long list of differences. I don't though. Is that weird? So far, a baby is a baby, regardless of gender. She is fragile like the boys were. She has the same needs they had and she acts like they did. Jena is very strong. All our babies have been. I guess that's one of the reasons I never had a problem letting them sleep on thier stomachs-yup, I said it! Our babies hated to sleep on thier backs. All they would do is cry. But flip them over and they slept great. They also all came home from the hospital being able to hold thier heads up and turn it side to side. One of her favorite things to do right now is be on her stomach on a blanket on the floor. This is the best way for her to observe her brothers. She loves watching them play. When they start getting extra excited and running around you can see her little legs start to kick like crazy. Ben says she's ready to join them. The only problem is that there isn't a blanket big enough to contain her. In about 3 seconds she is off and onto the hardwood floor. That's ok. In a few weeks she'll be crawling and that will bring it's own set of challenges. So far she's just like our boys were. I find her just as active as they were. Only time will tell what her true nature will be.
How is she different? Well she does have this special place in my heart, and in daddy's heart too, I'm sure! She is this sweet little girl that God gave us as a special gift, knowing before we did how much we really desired her. She has the best smile. You don't have to see her face to know she's smiling because her whole body lights up. It's awesome. Even her brothers know there is something special about her. They just adore her. Noah is the most sensitive. It really bothers him when Jena is crying and I don't attend to her fast enough. Owen will stop what he is doing just to come over and talk to her. Then go back to what he was doing. Gabe is very sweet. He doesn't have the sensitivity Noah does to want to take care of her problem. And he's too active to ever stop long enough to talk to her BUT he is very good at letting us know that she is crying or that she spit up and then delegating someone to take care of it...I have no idea who he gets that from, haha! Will is funny. He knows what belongs to Jena just by it's color...PINK! Whenever he sees a rattle or burp cloth or piece of clothing that belongs to her he immediately picks it up and brings it over to her yelling, "GEEE". That's what he calls her right now. 
We're all still getting used to having a girl in the house. There's more pink in this house than I ever thought there would be...I'm a well-known pink hater. But after 6 years of blue it was time for a change and I'll happily admit my attitude on the color has changed. There's way more accessories with a girl. The bloomers, tights, hair ties, etc. She has way too much hair for me to manage. I can barely do my own. But we're getting there. It takes me twice as long to get her dressed as it does the boys but it's way more fun.
So to answer the question I guess I'd say that for the most part there aren't too many differences between the boys and Jena. Ask me again when she's 16!

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