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The Cyrs

The Cyrs
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Friday, February 25, 2011

A Time to Have Some Friends Day 4

It was a Star Wars kind of day. When my dad arrived yesterday, he brought along a gift my sister had for Noah for his birthday, this Star Wars mask you see Will wearing. One great thing about having an older cousin is you get all his hand-me-downs and they're always in brand new condition! My dad also had a gift for Noah...Star Wars coloring pages. I love that my kids still get excited about little things! You would think that with all this Star Wars stuff that our kids must really be into them and I guess they are but I don't know how since we've never let them watch it. Anything they know about it comes from kids at school talking about it and so with that comes some poor facts about Star Wars. For example: as they are coloring Owen says, "look mom I colored this guy green. Noah told me his name is Toyota". I laughed and said, "No, I'm pretty sure his name is Yodi". I'm pretty sure we're both wrong as I've never seen it either. I was glad they all were enjoying coloring these pages because I hadn't prepared a craft for today. We were supposed to go to a play date at my friends house but the weather did not cooperate. We got A TON of snow today. :( I'm ready for spring!

Everyone was pretty cranky today. I think being in the house together for this many days had all the kids on each other's nerves. Today was the first day that I had to deal with fighting amongst the natives. After the coloring and after trying to get them to play well in the playroom I decided I'd give in and let them watch a movie since it's all they really wanted to do. Toy Story it was and I didn't hear a sound out of them till it was over! I also had everyone go down for a nap today too. I figured they all just needed to be in their own quiet space for a couple hours. When they woke up everyone was getting along much better and we had a good evening. Emily was especially happy since we had her favorite for supper...spaghetti! I also gave all 7 baths tonight...I will never complain about having to do 5 baths again! :) The girls really miss mommy tonight but I think that's because I've been telling them all day that she'll be here tonight and when they wake up they'll see her. They went to bed very well. No tears just excitement for the morning! We say goodbye to our friends tomorrow but we'll see them again in July when we're in Madawaska for our family vacation!

* I also want to thank everyone for their prayers not just for me and my busy week but also for Jena. She is doing so much better and back to the happy little Jena Bean we're used to!

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  1. Lissa,
    I think it is so wonderful that you helped out Tracy in this way. 7 baths! It does put things in perspective doesn't it. God bless you and your family for being such an encouragement to those around you.